The 2022 OPEN MINDS Management Best Practices Institute

The 2022 OPEN MINDS Management Best Practices Institute is focused on driving organizational excellence and world-class performance in serving consumers with the most complex needs. The institute goes past theory and policy — and provides a deep dive into the field-tested management best practices needed for sustainability and success.

Free Webinar Case Study — A Robust Practice Management System: Your Key To Success


The link between excellent practice management and clinical service delivery is required for a profitable program. Lost revenue happens due to billing errors, audits, authorization issues, and documentation issues. In this webinar you will get to see under the hood of an organization that has cultivated its practice management system into delivering revenue.

The 2022 OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat

The 2022 OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat is focused on creating performance-driven executives who can build performance-driven organizations. The retreat provides the opportunity to learn the lessons from past and present leaders on how to decide what needs to be done, inspire teams to embrace the new challenges in the field, and create a framework for organizational transformation.

The 2022 OPEN MINDS Technology & Analytics Institute

The Institute is focused on the executive role in harnessing new science and new technology to provide better consumer service and organizational competitive advantage. This institute provides an update on new technologies and field-tested models for making new science work at scale. Join us, as we work to leverage new science for better consumer care.