The OPEN MINDS Financial Strength Expansion Compatibility Calculator

Developed to provide key financial metrics of potential merger, acquisition, or affiliation organizations. This tool uses data from financial statements or IRS Form 990 to calculate key financial ratios of potential MA&A organizations. The focus of this tool is to give executives a trend analysis of ten key financial metrics, comparison to industry benchmarks, and an assessment of change in financial vulnerability prior to investing additional time and expenses into partnership discussions and financial due diligence. The results of each metric are compared to industry accepted benchmarks in graphical format and includes a brief explanation of the metric and why it is important for financial sustainability.

  • Used for assessing the financial strengths and weakness of potential mergers or acquisitions
  • Designed to be used by executives who want an initial understanding of potential partner organizations

Key benefits:

  • Provides an in-depth financial assessment prior to investing extensive time into a potential partner
  • Incorporates financial metrics and industry metrics that enable risk assessment

Key features: 

  • Can be used to compare the financial metrics of up to two merger partners with your organization at a time
  • Provides “combined organization” financial metrics to analyze potential synergies

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