The OPEN MINDS Competitor Financial Analysis Tool

Developed to provide key financial metrics and assess financial durability and strength of competitor organizations.  This tool uses financial data from financial statements or IRS Form 990 to calculate nine key financial ratios, a financial durability graph, and a financial strength graph showing the market position of your competitors. The focus of this tool is to give executives an understanding of their competitive position in the market and inform strategic positioning strategies.

  • Used for assessing the financial strengths and weaknesses of competitor organizations
  • Designed to be used by executives in strategic planning and marketing positioning assessment

Key benefits:

  • Compares the relative financial durability and strength of up to five organizations
  • Provides insights into the market positioning of competitor organizations

Key features:

  • Data can quickly be entered from IRS Form 990 or audited financial statements
  • Bubble graph report can be used to educate the board and management team

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