51% Of The Way To Integrated Care

One of the questions for specialty and primary care provider organization executive teams is how to participate in integrated systems of care. There are a variety of models—and no right answer.

Staying Sustainable: Tools For Assessing Financial Strength

An ongoing process for assessing financial strength is important for all organizations, particularly in the dynamic health care market. An organization that appeared to be growing and financially strong six months ago, may be facing the possibility of staff layoffs and financial crises today.

Financial Tools For Assessing Financial Sustainability

During this session, Senior Associate Ken Carr discussed the OPEN MINDS Financial Assessment Tools Suite, made available at no charge through the support of NextGen Healthcare hosted on Whole-Person Care Headquarters.

Strategies For Integration – Optimizing The Experience For Consumers & Payers

This presentation took place at The 2023 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Institute. Attendees heard from organizations on their pathways taken to succeed in ensuring care integration and service coordination for specific populations, addressing social determinants of health (SDOH), achieve whole person outcomes, and meet consumer and payer expectations.

Addressing Social Determinants Of Health To Achieve Whole-Person Outcomes

This presentation took place at The 2023 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Institute. In this case study session, attendees heard from organizations that are implementing innovative programs that incorporate social determinants of health into their whole person care strategies and are showing results.

Governments Worldwide Urged To Invest In Health Care Interoperability

According to new research from the Partnership for Health System Sustainability and Resilience (PHSSR), health systems and governments could benefit from investing in digital health upgrades to make health data interoperable with other data sources, which will allow a more complete view of population health needs and trends.

How Whole-Person Care Can Reach Its Full Potential

Earlier this year, the BHI Collaborative, a collection of eight national physician organizations, called on health plans and health care policymakers to join their initiative to add behavioral health to physician practices.

The Roadmap To Whole-Person Care: Performance Measures & Value-Based Reimbursement

How can implementing and evaluating performance measures lead to effective whole-person care? What data should be collected, and how will it be collected? How can the data be utilized to create value-based payment structures? Our panelists answered these questions and gave examples from their experiences as they explained how they have used performance measures to implement value-based reimbursement in their organizations.