Ambulatory Healthcare Today: Reflections on Behavioral Health Integration

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The Great Resignation Applies To Provider Organizations Too

The financial strength and stability of health care provider organizations was strained before the pandemic. And while the pandemic provided a large influx of unexpected federal/state monies into the system, the structural financial sustainability problems remain.

Transgender Type 1 Diabetes: The Oneness Of Mind & Body?

In the face of genetically engineered therapies for many cancers and the incredibly rapid development of effective vaccines for COVID-19, it’s easy to lose sight of the breadth and depth of unsolved puzzles in medical science. Many of these remaining mysteries may be at least partially resolved as we overcome the mind/body dichotomy. A fascinating example of this issue has emerged with recent evidence of the excessive prevalence of Type 1 diabetes (T1D) in transgender children and adults.

Data? I Don’t Want To Know…

For all the talk about data, I’m not sure how it is being used by executive teams. The proportion of executives describing themselves as “data driven” dropped to 31% in 2019 and half say they are not competing on performance data.